Wireless Shutter Sensor - SH1504

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It detects the opening and closing of shutter and activates the alarm. It has inbuilt battery. It was designed in steel in order to prevent the breakage while opening or closing of shutter in force. When the metallic sensor is separated from metallic magnet, it will cause short circuit and the wireless emitter alarm LED indication will flash and also send out wireless alarm signal to the control panel at the same time, with higher sensitivity within 30m away from control panel via built-in antenna. The battery life is about One year. It covers 30m range in open area. Easy installation secured with the double sided tape. This is not a standalone device; can be manually armed or disarmed by the user. The shutter sensor is having three parts: Magnetic part, Sensor part and Emitter part. It can be used for Industry, Showrooms, Malls and Warehouses and in Carriage type metal doors for rough handling and also widely used in commercial shop, wholesale shop, maintenance shop, warehouse and park area.

  • Detect the opening and closing of shutter and activate the alarm.
  • Metallic body designed for rough use.
  • Inbuilt battery

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