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Glass Break Sensor

Applications : Glass Door and Windows. Powered With Battery Backup. 3V Lithium Ion Battery - 1 No. Working Current ~15mA. Working Frequency 433 Mhz. Work Up to 30 Meter Radius from Alarm Panel. Detection Range 1- 2.5 Meter From Glass Surface. Working temperature ~+20°C -+50°C. 4-Level of Sensitivity Adjustment. Battery Life 1 Year(approximately).

Wireless Glass Break Sensor is used to detect if the glass pane is shattered or broken.

These sensors are commonly used near glass doors or glss store-front windows to detect if an intruder broke the glass and entered.

It detects the air blast that happened unexpectedly and sent alerts to the user.

Note: Requires Onebee Smart Server.

Full Specifications

Communication Protocol 433 MHz
Range 30 M (Open Area)
Battery 3 V
Working Current ~ 15mA
Working Temperature ~ 20°C - 50°C
No Of Batteries 1
Sensitivity Adjustable
Sensitivity Levels 4
Detection Range 1 M - 2.5 M from glass surface
Battery Life 1 Year (May vary with use)

Note: Requires Onebee Smart Server.


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